New Zealand

Diane Anderson

Diane has been quilting since 1986 and is passionate about hand quilting. She loves to teach the traditional way of Hand Quilting, using techniques she learnt in classes as practised by Amish and Mennonite Quilters.

Diane has taught her easily mastered Hand Quilting and Hand Applique classes throughout New Zealand. Although her preferred style is Traditional, Dianes' techniques are also perfect to enhance the beauty of the Modern Quilt.


Melissa Burdon

Melissa has been creating portrait and pictorial quilts since 2010. In that time she has gone on to develop her own technique that allows her to make more complicated images into quilts. Her quilts have been internationally juried, exhibited and awarded.  Melissa loves to pass on her techniques through classes. She loves all forms of quilting both traditional and modern.

Lisa Call

Lisa Call creates bold geometric contemporary textile paintings composed of her richly coloured hand dyed fabric. Her work is abstract but draws elements from many places: her love of the colours and geological forms of the southwest, repetition, pattern, and an attraction to human-made structures for containment such as fences and stone walls. 

See examples of the work done by her students and their testimonials here.

Mathea Daunheimer

Art is one of Mathea’s passions and fibre is just one amazing medium.  Her current personal favourite is to paint on fabric with Tsukineko inks and then quilt the daylights out of it. She also enjoys using NeoColor I & II pastels by Caran D'Ache, Derwent Inktense blocks and pencils and then quilting.  Large scale murals are another passion and she enjoys painting large pieces, buildings, or walls. Most of her work in this format has been done in Kerikeri, New Zealand (she used to live in Mid Coast Maine) and features bright, cheery flora and fauna. 

Beverly Dyke

Beverly’s quilting approach is traditional, having been influenced by Diane Gaudynski’s style and learning from her books.  Her favourite type of quilting is free-motion feather designs. However, she does appreciate the Modern Quilting styles and with it the freedom of less traditional quilting designs.  In this she has been helped by quilt books by such authors as Angela Walters, Judi Madsen, and Kimberly Einmo.

Juliet Fitness

Juliet loves passing her quilting knowledge on to others, and has been teaching various techniques since 1998, specializing in her favourite paper-foundation piecing.  She has taught at several National Symposia, as well as mini- symposia, clubs, quilting retreats and Quilt Encounter in Adelaide.  A quilt competition junkie for the past 25 years with numerous entries in the Hoffman Challenge; Symposiums and many Quilts Aotearoa exhibitions/challenges.  Juliet particularly likes using a challenge fabric and the ensuing challenges, working best to a deadline.

Hazel Foot

Hazel enjoys working with bold colour, but also enjoys the challenge of working with a monochromatic palette to produce Pacific Island style quilts.  The versatility of working with different techniques including piecing and appliqué and employing mixed media ideas to create different effects ensures her quilting journey is always interesting and challenging.

Veronicah Hampton

Veronicah is a contemporary art quilter with a passion for intuitive creativity and textiles.  She is a teacher who shares her knowledge, skills and creativity with students. Veronicah loves to quilt intuitively – not necessarily knowing what the end, or even the next step is going to be until she gets there. She has never been bored with quilting; there are always so many new arenas of discovery and things to try.

Marge Hurst

Marge has been making quilts for over 25 years and taught in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.  She has judged shows all over New Zealand and her work has been published in many books and magazines. From the beginning Marge designed her own quilts; her styles have changed over the years but have been predominantly abstract and using nature as inspiration. More recently she has been making quilts by hand, using the age old method of English Paper Piecing and hand quilting but also making quilts by machine using simple large squares and rectangles with wide borders and showcasing the fabrics.

Jacqui Karl

Jacqui is a textile artist from the Manawatu.  She runs her own business which comprises of a machine quilting service, pattern design and tutoring. Jacqui has been very busy tutoring for about 15 years both in New Zealand and Australia where she shares her designs and techniques.

Sharon Keightley

Sharon loves to design and share her own quilt patterns some of which have been published in Quiltmania magazine. She is a confessed lover of antique and reproduction fabrics. Her quilt designs usually incorporate both piecing and applique which is her favourite technique. 

Chris Kenna

Chris loves traditional work and playing with colour and contrast. She use EQ6 software to help with mathematical calculations and uses machine pieced foundations to create greater precision. Her love of painting has pushed her in the direction of free design, as shown in her landscapes. She takes great pleasure in teaching throughout the country and takes part in national and international exhibitions.

Griet Lombard

Griet is an ex South African living in New Zealand. She is a quilter and embroiderer who loves to share her passion through teaching and finds textiles are part of her everyday life.  She also manages to squeeze part-time gardening in.

Ruth Marshall

Ruth has been a stalwart of the Christchurch quilting community since the mid-1990s. Well-known locally, having been kept busy tutoring many students over the years, she has been persuaded to venture into tutoring at symposium. Ruth brings a solid foundation of technical and teaching skills gained as a Home Economics and Clothing teacher in secondary schools in Canterbury. Her work has been recognised locally, through the receipt of many awards, and internationally, with the display of her depiction of the Christ Church Cathedral Rose Window in the U.S.A. Not only does Ruth teach quilting, but she also designs patchwork patterns, marketing them under the name ‘Georgina Jane Designs’.

Ronnie Martin

Ronnie is an award-winning textile artist, judge and curator of textile arts exhibitions. She has tutored textile and mixed media art throughout NZ.  As a teacher, she encourages others in their self-expression and creative exploration. Ronnie has exhibited widely in New Zealand and overseas and won many awards for her work.

Alysn Midgelow-Marsden

Alysn moved to New Zealand around three years ago from Derby, where she ran a Contemporary Art Gallery for 13 years.  She describes herself as an artist, mentor and author. She currently has four books in print.  Alysn is an artist who works primarily in copper, bronze, stainless steel and pewter metal shims and woven metal fabrics; often altering the original surface by burnishing, texturing, printing, patterning and patinating. She uses textile and embroidery techniques to create dense, repeating and interlocking pattern based designs.

Shirley Mooney

Shirley has been quilting for more than twenty years and has quilted her way through dozens of traditional, contemporary and art quilts using an extensive range of textiles, machine and hand techniques. Her love of colour, tactile and visual textures is evident in her quilts. She is known for being adventurous, exploring innovative ways to manipulate fabric and is looking forward to sharing these ideas in her symposium classes. Shirley's motto is don't wait to create. If you have an idea, go with it and try it. Getting stated creates enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration. She believes there is a masterpiece inside every person.

Her blogspot is

Sonya Prchal

Creating art quilts capturing New Zealand’s flora and fauna has been her passion since she moved to Northland 12 years ago. After finding it difficult to source that right fabrics Sonya started customising her own fabrics with paint and fabric markers. Free motion quilting is another of her passions whether quilting or thread painting animals to enhance quilts.  Sonya loves sharing her techniques and teaching all round New Zealand.

Yvonne Roberts

Yvonne has been quilting for over 25 years and has been teaching Patchwork and Quilting for the past 20. This includes tutoring at five national symposia, quilt shops, colleges and quilt guilds through out the country. As well, she spent 3 weeks teaching in Northern Thailand and participated in advanced classes with several high profile tutors in the USA. During these 
years Yvonne has been involved with a wide and diverse group of students and organisers making her fully experienced in the requirements and expectations of both groups.
From this background she has developed her Tutors Tutorial, feeling the time was right for a more structured and professional approach to tutoring in New Zealand while retaining the relaxed atmosphere that characterises the craft here. Her tutor tutorials in the Marlborough - Nelson area and at the 2015 Aotearoa Quilterʼs Seminar attracted good attendance and were well received by both new and experienced tutors. Yvonne maintains her love of traditional quilts but also enjoys exploring ideas in the field of contemporary and art quilts.

Clare Smith

Clare began teaching adult education classes in surface design, applique and Japanese bookmaking at the beginning of1998.  She has taught at New Zealand Quilt Symposiums, quilt guilds in the UK, and at the 2004 Quilt Festival in South Africa. Clare enjoys showing people new ways to look at lesser known. Her quilts are mostly made from my own hand painted, dyed or printed fabrics which are later machine embroidered, quilted, appliqued or embellished. 

Mary Transom

Mary’s quilts have been awarded many ribbons and prizes over the last twenty years. She loves to share her techniques and travels extensively to do so. For the last seven years Mary has been making flower quilts. Her technique involves stitching flowers separately then arranging them onto a background with vines and leaves.

Juliet van der Heijden

Juliet is a Scot who has been living in New Zealand for the last 10 years or so. With the help of the internet she taught herself to sew.  The quilting journey has taken her places that she never thought she would go and is loving every minute! She found her niche- designing paper pieced patterns. She loves the thrill of translating an idea or a picture into a paper pieced design. Proving to herself  that pattern ideas which initially seem impossible (such as lions and zebras) are perfectly doable if you approach the project in the right way.

Julie Veck

Bernina NZ Ltd

Julie is the National Product Educator for Bernina New Zealand. Her role involves teaching sewing technology, both old and new, to Bernina Sewing Centre Owners and staff, teachers and consumers. Julie has a natural talent to educate, and her classes are always fun and full of laughter.
Combining her passion for craft with new technology enables Julie to teach all aspects of sewing, including thread artistry, quilting, machine embroidery, and software. Julie is a talented artist in her own right, and has been lucky enough to turn her passion into her profession. Her mediums tend to be thread and fabric although Julie also enjoys ceramics. Julie’s work has been recognised with awards at Calico Christmas and also being featured in magazine articles.

Sue Wademan

Sue is a well known textile artist who moved from Australia to Queenstown in 2000. She is best known for her fabric collage landscapes. Sue has won many local awards and exhibited widely in both New Zealand and overseas.

Donna Ward

Donna began quilting more than 25 years ago. Today her passion is working with contemporary fabrics, combining precision piecing and appliqué with detailed machine quilting using decorative threads. These have become a trademark of her quilts. At present she is working with quilts inspired by the colours and patterns from the Pacific. Donna has won a diverse array of national and international awards. In 2003 she was awarded the Jewel Pearce Patterson Scholarship for International Quilt Teachers, enabling her to exhibit and attend workshops at the Houston Quilt Market and Festival.  Her her Instagram account is @donna8b..

Debby Williams

Debby was born in Texas and has lived in NZ for more than twenty years. Quilting is one of her greatest passions and teaching has become a way of life for her.  She has been asked to judge different challenges for local quilt clubs and mini-symposium and taught as far afield as Texas, New York, Wisconsin, the island of Vanuatu and Norfolk Island. Debby invented and patented the STARWHIZ ™ tool which simplifies the drafting of Mariner’s Compass stars.