Jenny Bowker

Jenny has been working in Textiles since 1997. She is interested in the way pattern comes into many parts of our lives and often includes some geometrical piecing in her work as it keeps her technically on her toes and provides a key for traditional quilters to link to her work. Living in the Middle East for 15 years has influenced her subject matter and much of her work reflects her love of the place. Jenny really enjoys teaching and finds there is no greater delight than to offer tools to a quilter who wants to make original work but doesn't know how to access her own ideas. 

Jan Clark

Jan is passionate about creativity and when she teaches her main purpose is to enable each person to follow their own path. She avoids using commercial product and encourages the use of tools and media that are easily obtained and most probably already part of your household. Of course there are some products she finds hard to resist, such as dyes and glittery things, but the choice is yours whether you acquire them or not. To Jan the important thing is to play, to use the imagination, to explore the possibilities of textile art.

Ruth de Vos

Ruth lives in Perth, in Western Australia and the surrounding gum trees and other native Australian plants form the inspiration for her botanical art. Ruth hand-dyes much of the fabric she uses. Her art quilts are pieced by machine in a process not too far removed from traditional patchwork techniques. Ruth’s artwork has been featured in exhibitions nationally and internationally.

Helen Godden

Helen is an award winning Free Motion Machine Quilter who has an art background and loves drawing, painting, colour and design that together, tells a story. Helen teaches from a slightly different angle and enjoys helping even the most traditional of machine sewers to find new direction in free-motion machine quilting and opening up new avenues for their creative potential. She is the international ambassador for the Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen. Helen has won many awards in Australia and USA including 11 awards at Houston. 

Julie Haddrick

Julie creates vibrantly coloured, printed, painted, layered, pieced and stitched wall art quilts, often including many natural elements from Australia. She is passionate about education and textiles, she is an experienced and sought after judge, guest speaker and teacher. Julie exhibits regularly, enjoying the challenge of themes or juried entries to international and local exhibitions and she has many awards. She embraces opportunities to teach and travel in both Australia and overseas. Her recent work as a founding member of a SA textiles art group called 'SAlt' has resulted in a series of exhibitions entitled 'The Fabric Trail' and these have toured Australia and now overseas, since 2013.

Michele Hill

Michele’s passion for quilting has resulted in two books, 4 ranges of fabric and a sold out William Morris tour of the UK.   She has been a member of the Quilters’ Guild of South Australia for over 20 years and has won many awards, including best of show four times.  In 2014 she received the Rajah Award for services to Australia through quilting.

Suzanne Howie

Based in Brisbane, Sue has been quilting for fifteen years, often incorporating both Japanese and Indigenous stylings into her work. She is renowned both at home and abroad for her expertise in the stitching techniques of sashiko and boro. A passionate educator, Sue’s classes feature prominently at craft and quilt events across the country, and she is regularly invited to teach at quilting workshops. She is a strong believer in passing on her knowledge to the younger generation, and thus enjoys introducing high school textile students to the sashiko and boro techniques. 

Chris Jurd

Chris started quilting in the early 1980’s and is now a full-time quilt maker, foundation pieced pattern designer and teacher living in the Blue Mountains outside Sydney. Chris has had over 40 projects featured in quilt magazines.  Her quilts have won awards at Australian shows; including a blue ribbon for "Lots of Dots". Her motto is “Finished is better than perfect”. Don’t stress too much – it’s supposed to be fun! 

Jen Kingwell

Midwife by trade who turned her stitching addiction into a career. She doesn’t know where her love of fabrics came from and has always been fascinated by colour and pattern and stumbled into quilting thirty years ago. Jen is a scrap quilter and the more fabrics she can include in any one project the happier she is. She describes herself as “traditional with a contemporary twist" and in her perfect world would hand stitch everything. Jen loves sharing the serenity of this age old tradition. Author, fabric designer and quilt designer, she now travels the world teaching and lecturing and loves returning to her store Amitie Textiles in Melbourne Australia. Her Instagram is@amitie_textiles

Gloria Loughman

Over the years Gloria has dabbled in many forms of quilting; strip piecing, bargello, colour wash, fabric dyeing and painting to name a few.  She has been teaching landscape quilt classes for many years and likes to challenge students to create their own quilts but is also happy to provide patterns for those less confident.   Her classes have proved popular with many students coming back for a second or third class. She has travelled extensively, teaching in NZ, USA, Canada, EU, South Africa and Japan.

Deborah Louie

Deborah is a domestic machine quilting and machine applique teacher who teaches for quilt shops, groups, retreats and internationally. She is a multi-award winning quilter.

Glenys Mann

Glenys has been teaching mentoring artists for more than 25 years, teaching Masterclasses throughout Australia and overseas. She is a contemporary quilt maker and collage artist who works with ‘found’ cloth, namely old wool blankets and silk hand stitched, paper and rust and many found objects. The cloth and paper is natural dyed with leaves, bark, lichen and any found organic material. Her work is inspired by emotions of the environment and emotions of everyday life. 

Peggy Phelps

Peggy is a quilter and occasional blogger at Peggy Creates and hales from Queensland, Australia. Prior to her move to Cabarlah, just outside Toowoomba, she was immersed in quilting in Emerald, for a few years owning a quilting shop. This kept her up to date with patchwork and quilting trends, helped her develop her popular classes, and honed her skills as a quilting teacher. While she teaches various techniques and styles of quilting, she does not neglect her own development by continuing to attend classes with international tutors.

Brenda Gael Smith

Brenda grew up in Warkworth, New Zealand and made her very first quilt in 1984. It was a glorious seersucker affair, made from factory off cuts. Her next foray into quilt making was not until the turn of the century when she decided to make a cot quilt for a friend’s baby. Patchwork, quilting and textiles have since developed into a compelling and rewarding avocation. Brenda designs and creates contemporary textile art in her home studio at Copacabana on the Central Coast of New South Wales in Australia.

Lisa Walton

Lisa has been quilting for over 25 years.  Her fascinations with dyeing about 15 years ago began with a gift of hand dyed fabrics which she then tried to replicate with varying degrees of success. She now shares the dyeing with her husband Peter who enjoys the precision of  formula based dyeing while she is able to concentrate on more serendipitous and experimental pieces. Her obsession of beaded embellishment for quilts has developed rapidly and she is now having a wonderful time sharing these skills and enticing others to become as obsessed as she.  In 2010 she was awarded the Jewel Pearce Patterson Scholarship for Quilting Teachers by the International Quilt Association in Houston USA. Lisa loves sharing and enjoys everything she learns from her students as well. 

Wendy Williams

Wendy started quilting around twenty years ago after a career in fashion and teaching. She thoroughly enjoys exploring many aspects of quilting and patchwork and has been teaching for about eight years. Wendy has been designing and making lots of projects with wool felt applique for the last five years. Her business is called Flying Fish Kits, where she sells patterns and kits from her original designs. For the last few years Wendy has travelled throughout Australia and New Zealand teaching her version of wool applique. Her book called Wild Blooms and Colourful Creatures has been on the best seller list for the last 2 years.