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Luke Haynes - Thursday 3:30pm

Architexture. This will be a lecture giving the inspirations and influences of Luke Haynes through fine art and design into quilting. His works are displayed in museums around the world Join us to see more about his unique style. and ways of thinking.

Michele Hill - Friday 12:15pm

William Morris meets Beatrix Potter. My most recent adventure in my quilting journey has led me to exploring the life of Beatrix Potter. Back in 1997 it was fate that William Morris and his designs influenced my quilt designs and more recently it was fate again that led me to Beatrix Potter. These talented artists had much in common and their lives were intertwined in many ways. Join me on this visual journey as we wonder if they did actually ever meet.

Jenny Bowker - Friday 7:30pm

Stories Told in Textiles. Jenny Bowker has lived and worked in the Middle East for eighteen years. This is the story of textiles of the Middle East that tell stories of the region. Most are women’s work but some are made by men.

Luana Rubin - Saturday 12:15pm

Trends in Contemporary Quilt Making Take a trip around the world with over 200 quilt images. See how quilters in different countries use their own culture as inspiration for unique works of art, and how the minimalism of Modern Quilting is progressing as a design trend. Colour trends and techniques will be discussed, in this review of quilt art trends over the last year. The lecture includes quilts from Luana's visits to quilt festivals and exhibits in Birmingham England, Houston, Tokyo, and QuiltCon in Savannah. She will be available for questions and answers at the end.

Brenda Gael Smith - Sunday 12:15pm

The Art of Curating. This brings three distinct imperatives: to select, to organise and to look after items in an exhibition. Drawing upon more than 12 years experience in exhibition administration, including several popular international touring exhibits, independent curator Brenda Gael Smith reflects on the delights and challenges of these imperatives providing insights and takeaway tips for both experienced and aspiring organisers and artists.

Pat Archibald - Sunday 7:30pm

Design Tips for Making Exceptional Quilts Inspired by Travels. My adventures to far flung places fuel my creativity and inspire my work. Learn how I record my experiences and observations on my travels and then distill these into meaningful and evocative designs. I will discuss colour choices, symbolism and the importance of working in series. This is a thought provoking talk that will enable you to use your own travel experiences as a basis for art quilts.

Jacquie Gering - Monday 12:15pm

Quilting Modern: Honouring Tradition. Jacquie shares her journey from being a maker, to becoming a quilter, and now a modern quilter, designer and author. Jacquie tells about her Mennonite roots, how her family inspires and influences her work, and shows through her quilts how she has developed her unique voice in modern quilting.

Jane Dunnewold - Monday 7:30pm

Trial and Tribulation. A survey of the artist’s work, beginning as a self-taught embroiderer and quilter! Jane’s talk highlights numerous series - culminating in a current body of work entitled Quilt/Not Quilt - an exploration of unexpected materials and approaches to the quilted mixed media surface.


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