Mother Earth
Kathleen Burford
Winner, Aotearoa Quilters 2014 Growth Challenge

Canna Tropicana.
Heather McLean
Merit award. Inspired Fibres

Rural 1.
Robyn Croft.
Judge’s Award

Fragility Kina on Rangiputa.
Mathea Daunheimer
Viewers’ Choice

Fabric Flower Passion.
Ruth Wheeler.
Merit award. Growing the Passion
Do I need to be registered for Christchurch Symposium 2017 to enter a quilt in the Exhibition?

Yes, you do need to be registered for Christchurch Symposium 2017 to submit an entry for the exhibition.  Exceptions are:

  •  Power of Two entry:  Where there is more than one person involved in the process of your quilt creation, only one of you is required to be registered, but all participants are required to be named on your entry form.
  • World War 1 – Postcards from the Front category:  Registration is not required for entry.

Can I submit more than one quilt in a category?
Yes. You can submit as many entries as you want and can submit more than one entry in a category.

Can I submit more than one entry on an entry form?
No.  We require a separate form and payment for each entry.

If I only teach classes at my local club or guild, am I required to enter as a professional?
No. There is no differentiation being made between professional and amateur quilters in this exhibition.

Will my entry be automatically accepted for the exhibition?

  • World War 1 – Postcards from the Front category:  All entries will automatically be accepted into this category.
  • All other categories will be submitted to a selection process.  Our judges will select entries from your submitted photos. (Please ensure you submit the best photos possible for your entry.)  You will be advised between the 6th & 9th July 2017 if your entry has been selected If so, you are required to forward your entry to us by 20 July 2017.

Do I need to put a hanging sleeve as well as Velcro on the back of my quilt?

  • A traditional hanging sleeve is optional. However if you are submitting your quilt to an exhibition elsewhere, you may need a traditional hanging sleeve for that exhibition.
  • All accepted work for must have the hooked side of a velcro strip sewn on along the top back edge. The velcro must be a depth appropriate to hold the weight of the quilt. Miniatures should have velcro appropriate to the quilt size.
  • All entries must have the loop/ fluffy side of the Velcro with your name & registration number pressed to the hook side. (This protects quilts from damage by the Velcro hooks).

For the World War 1 – Postcards from the Front category, is it necessary for my entry to be two-sided?
No. The entry should be only one sided.  The other side must have a Velcro strip for mounting purposes.  No hanging sleeve is required.

What size restrictions are there on the entries, does the size include the bindings?

  • World War 1 – Postcards from the Front entries must be 12cm x 17cm finished size, including the bindings.
  • Recycled entries must be at least 30cm and no more than 50 cm in any direction, finished size, including the bindings.
  • Quilts selected for the travelling exhibition sponsored by Aotearoa Quilters can be any shape but must fit withn an area 1 metre by 1 metre.
  • All other entries are a maximum of 2.3 metres in any direction.

Can I enter a quilt made from a traditional block?
Yes. The block must be named on the entry form.

Can I pay someone to quilt my entry?
Yes but all quilts made by more than one person are eligible only for the “Power of 2” award.

Can I offer my accepted entry for sale?
Yes. Any entry accepted as part of the exhibition can be for sale.   Please specify this on your entry form.  Christchurch Symposium 2017 will take a 10% commission on any work sold at the Exhibition.

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Pictures courtesy of Quilt Symposium Manawatu 2015 & Kathleen Burford.