Prize List


Creative Construction

These quilts have a message or meaning and incorporate innovative techniques and / or materials.

Winner $350 cash Sponsored by Stitchbird Fabrics
Merit $150 cash Sponsored by Cushla’s Village Fabrics
Merit $150 cash Sponsored by way With the Fairys

Cultural Connection

These quilts express an aspect of New Zealand’s cultural diversity and / or identity.  

Winner $300 cash Sponsored by Plume Art & Stitch
Merit $150 cash Sponsored by Tinkering Tools

World War 1 - Postcards from the Front

During WW1 silk embroidered postcards were created by French and Belgian women to sell as souvenirs to soldiers fighting in Europe. These are our own postcards made to send home to family.

Winner $300 cash Sponsored by Felted & Stitched
Merit $150 cash Sponsored by Away With the Fairys


These quilts depict a building of any type, made entirely of recycled fabrics (excluding batting and thread). The materials used have had a previous use. 

Winner $300 cash Sponsored by Provenance Artisan Textiles
Merit $150 cash Sponsored by Tinkering Tools


Power of 2

A single quilt made by 2 or more people.

Winner $300 cash Sponsored by Quiltique
Merit $150 cash Sponsored by Sprint Print Ltd

Landscape / Pictorial  

Interpretations of a person, place or thing, can be animate or inanimate.

Winner $350 cash Sponsored by Busy Bee Quilt Shop
Merit $150 cash Sponsored by Puddle & Quiltbooks

Modern quilt

Quilts made in the modern quilt movement style. They may include any or all of the following: bold colours and prints, high contrast, solid colours, improvisational piecing, updating of traditional quilt blocks and / or designs, minimalism, expansive negative space.

Winner $350 cash Sponsored by The Stitching Post 
Merit $150 cash Sponsored by Puddle & Quiltbooks

Traditional Quilt

Quilts using traditional quilt blocks and designs.

Winner $350 cash Sponsored by Minerva
Merit $150 cash Sponsored by Wonderfil Specialty Threads

Contemporary Quilt

Quilts that draw on the traditions of quilt making, through piecing, appliqué or whole cloth, but with an original approach. Makers may use non-traditional fabrics, fabric printing and dyeing, embellishment and unusual construction methods. The quilts are original designs and demonstrate sure use of colour. They may be sewn by hand, machine or any combination.

Winner $350 cash Sponsored by The Quilting Shed
Merit $150 cash Sponsored by Wonderfil Specialty Threads

Art Quilt

Quilts with both a strong visual impact and a high quality of execution. They are designed to be displayed as artwork and communicate an idea, emotion or concept through the medium of textile and stitch. They must be an original design.

Winner $350 cash Sponsored by Mallee Textiles
Merit $150 cash Sponsored by Tulis Textiles

Best Use of Colour

Quilts displaying the striking use of colour creating an exceptional impact.

Winner $300 cash Sponsored by Fabric by Three
Merit $150 cash Sponsored by Aimee's Homestead Quilts
Merit $150 cash Sponsored by way Tulis Textiles

Best Use of Quilting

The quilting is an appropriate and textural enhancement of the quilt design.

Winner $350 cash Sponsored by Bernina NZ
Merit $150 cash Sponsored by Bernina NZ
Merit $150 cash Sponsored by way Aimee's Homestead Quilts

Best Applique

Demonstrating a well - executed technique that is appropriate to the design and projected end use.

Winner $300 cash Sponsored by Waitomo Sew Worms
Merit $150 cash Sponsored by Annie's Country Quilt Store

Best Piecing

The piecing is accurate and precise and neatly executed.

Winner $300 cash Sponsored by Bernina Christchurch
Merit $150 cash Sponsored by Annie's Country Quilt Store

Judges Choice (for Open Section and Challenges)

Each judge has chosen the quilt that most appeals to them.

Winner $300 cash Sponsored by Florence & Mary
Winner $300 cash Sponsored by Art of Sewing
Winner $300 cash Sponsored by Sew Ezi

Viewers' Choice

These quilts have received the most votes by the viewing public.

At The Great Hall Winner $500 cash Sponsored by Wright Fabrics
at the RSA Winner $300 cash Sponsored by Pink Possum Quilting

AQ Quilts on Tour (for Open Section and Challenges)

20 small quilts selected for Aotearoa Quilters ‘Quilts on Tour” and displayed at various venues around NZ for 12 months.

Sponsored by Aotearoa Quilters National Association of New Zealand.

Winner $500 cash & subscription to Aotearoa Quilters
Merit $250 cash & subscription to Aotearoa Quilters
Merit $250 cash & subscription to Aotearoa Quilters
17 other quilts subscription to Aotearoa Quilters

Best in Show

Quilts displaying exceptional impact in originality, design, colour and technique over all eligible categories

Best in Show $500 & sewing machine valued at $5000 Sponsored by Bernina NZ
Award of Excellence #1 $300 cash Sponsored by Village Books & Crafts
Award of Excellence #2 $300 cash Sponsored by Cushla's Village Fabrics

Note the symposium reserves the right not to allocate a prize in any particular category if there are not enough entries or the judges decide not to. If this was to happen the sponsorship would be allocated in a different way after discussion with the judges.