We are delighted to announce two five-day Master Classes will be held at Symposium 2017. This an opportunity to have a top-notch tutor to guide you through a week of inspiration and personal development.  

Places are limited and allocated on a first in first served basis so act quickly to treat yourself (or get someone else to treat you). 

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Working in a Series” – an intermediate to advanced workshop with Lisa Call

Lisa is an American textile artist who moved to New Zealand in 2015 “for a new adventure”. She creates bold geometric contemporary textile paintings.
The goal of this workshop is to inspire, educate and motivate you to explore working in a series. If you already work in a series, this workshop will deepen that practice. You will settle on the topic/theme of your series prior to the start of class and create three or more compositions in your series during the workshop. Through a selection of formal design assignments, your idea will grow in new and exciting directions during this five day workshop. At the end of each exercise you’ll be evaluating your own work and exploring your experience with short written exercises. We will hold group critiques through the session.

We will also look at artists (both famous and unknown) that work in a series to learn more about the possibilities, while also exploring our attitudes, behavior and patterns as it relates to art making and creating artwork in a series.

After the workshop, students will receive a series of emails over a period of several weeks that dive deeper into the topics discussed in the classroom.  This additional reinforcement of the material will help you continue your series artwork at home with confidence and support.

Note. This workshop does not include technique instruction. Students are expected to have the art/quilt making skills necessary and appropriate for their chosen series theme. No specific techniques are required –piecing, applique, fusing, embellishment, surface design, etc – all are acceptable, as long as you are comfortable with execution. 
See her websites and

See examples of the work done by her students and their testimonials here.

“Develop” – a masterclass with Glenys Mann

Glenys describes herself as a contemporary quilt maker and collage artist who works with ‘found’ cloth, namely old wool blankets and silk hand stitched, paper and rust, and many found objects  The cloth and paper is naturally dyed with leaves, bark, lichen and any found organic material.  Her work is inspired by emotions of the environment and emotions of everyday life. 

Glenys has been mentoring artists for more than 25 years, teaching Master classes throughout Australia and internationally.  
DEVELOP.... (the shorter Oxford English Dictionary, 1933 edition)
To unfold, unroll; to unfurl...1868
To flatten out (a curved surface); to change the form of (a surface) by bending. 1879
To unveil; to unfold; to disclose. 1837
To unfold more fully, bring out all that is contained in...1750;
To open gradually. 1883
To change the form or expression without changing the value. 1871
To bring forth from a latent or elementary condition. 1813
To bring out and render visible (the latent image produced by actinic action upon a sensitive surface);
To apply to the treatment by which this is effected.
To cause to grow (what exists in the germ)
To unfold itself, grow from a germ; to grow into a fuller, higher, or maturer condition. 1843

If any of the above reads as to where your art practice and you need to be, then you need to experience this unique workshop. No techniques, just a huge amount of encouragement and expertise will be given to develop and push what you already have in your soul. Extend yourself to take your art beyond where you thought you could go. Any artistic medium will be accepted in this workshop. Check out Glenys’s website for images of of her student's masterclass work