In the Corner of the Garden.
Rosemary Rush
Merit Award. Alive With Colour

Conquering Christchurch.
Sophie Wood
Award Winner: No Place Like Home

5 Days and 5 Nights In New York.
Tracy Carew
Award Winner: Out and About

Golden Moment
Sandra Kennington
Award Winner: Rags to Riches Recycled
Creative Construction – A Story in Textiles

Colin McCahon said that art has to be about something. Tell a story. There is no restriction on the type of materials or techniques used.


Cultural Connection – Celebrating Our New Zealand Cultural Diversity

Make a quilt that expresses an aspect of New Zealand’s cultural diversity and / or identity. Consider what it means to be a New Zealander.



Even by 2017 many Christchurch residents will be sick of waiting to have their homes and city rebuilt and repaired. Can you help?

Make a quilt entirely of recycled materials (excluding batting and thread) depicting a building. The buildings can be of any type.

Recycled material is defined as something that has had a previous use.

Size: at least 30 centimetres and no more than 50 centimetres in any direction.



Any quilt made since 1 February 2015.


World War 1 – Postcards from the Front

During WW1 silk embroidered postcards were created by French and Belgian women to sell as souvenirs to soldiers fighting in Europe. It is estimated 10 million were made and posted home.

Make 1 side of your own postcard, either the picture or the other side, not necessarily of silk.

This website has some interesting

Size: 12 x 17 centimetres.

Registration is not necessary for this category and all entries will be accepted. Entries may be sent in early – see Conditions of Entry.


All categories must be read in conjunction with the Conditions of Entry and instructions on How to Submit a Quilt

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Pictures courtesy of Quilt Symposium Manawatu 2015